November 2011 – Speaker Sneak Peek

We’re kicking it up a notch for the next Ignite and we’ve got a speaker sneak peek for you.

Before we reveal some of the awesome that is coming your way we need to ask a favour.  We need volunteers.  As you can imagine, a night like this doesn’t just run itself.  Ignite Melbourne is entirely run by volunteers.  Give a little and get a lot :)  Think of the fame!  The fortune!  The endless stream of thanks!

We need volunteers to:

  • video the presentations and turn them into a digital format suitable for uploading to youtube or vimeo.
  • run the audio/video equipment for the night – it’s not very taxing but someone has to stop and start the vids.
  • general gopher.  Sometimes the speakers need a glass of water, a monitor needs adjusting, necks need massaging (only joking – but if you’re good at it no-one would say no).
  • help prep the slides.   We turn all the slides (in their various formats) into video prior to the event so the night runs more smoothly.

That’s enough soliciting.  Now for a sneak peak…

We’re also looking for a fun topic to close of the evening.  We’ve had the spectacular Kealey Nutt on the History of Lols, and the standout Pamela Fox on The Wonder of the Onesie.  Do you have a topic that will entral the audience too?

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Finally, thanks to our sponsors:


Call for Ignite Speakers for Nov 30th

We are gearing up for another ignite.  Now, you can’t have an Ignite without speakers.  So we’d love to hear if you, or anyone you know, is passionate about technology and entrepreneurship.  It’s only a five minute talk and it’s a great way to get the word out about your passion.  Drop us a line on twitter (@ignitemelbourne) or email ignitemelbourne [AT]


Ignite Melbourne 4 is on!

Ignite Melbourne 4

UPDATED: with working Link

We’re back, we’re bad, you’re black, I’m mad.” – Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), Lethal Weapon 2.

Lock down 9th of August for we have another Ignite Melbourne (booking details at the bottom of the email).

Ignite’s catch phase is “enlighten us, but make it quick“.  One of the previous speakers described it as “speed dating for ideas”.  More specifically we’re keeping the talks focused on entrepreneurship and technology.  This is the heart of what Ignite is about.

A big thanks to our sponsors:

Agile Bench - Online Agile Project Management – If you are in an agile team then try out Agile Bench today for free.
Event Arc - Online Event Registration Pages


We’ve been lucky enough to secure some fantastic speakers for your viewing pleasure, including:

  • Crowdsourcing: Stories from Kaggle’s frontline” from Nicholas Gruen [@NicholasGruen] of Kaggle
  • How long is a piece of string? inspired by the concept of a Fermi estimate” by Jason Yip [@jchyip] of ThoughtWorks
  • Go on, get happy” from Jodie Moule [@jodiemoule] of Simplicit
  • The Existential Entrepreneur” from Toby Hede [@tobyhede]
  • The Awesome Foundation” from Ross Hill [@rosshill]
  • Modelling salaries in a financially transparent company” from Marty Andrews [@martinjandrews] of Cogent Consulting
  • How to beat google on relevancy” from Craig Rees [@ablebagel] of Sensis
  • The History of LOL“ Kealey Nutt [@kealey] from Thelma Magazine

We still need a few more speakers, so email if you’ve got something you’re passionate that could entertain us!

Android App

Also a big call out to James Giang and his Ignite Melbourne App.   If your too cool for a iDevice and you’ve converted to the Google way of being, then James’ Android App for Ignite Melbourne is awesome.

Register Now!

Please go and register now [].  Tickets are limited.

We’ll be at:
The Apartment
401 Little Bourke St
with doors opening at 5:30, but talks starting after 6.

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